22th June - Meals on Wheels

Here’s our good news story this week, a little late because we wanted to capture the great work happening last week. Its not just shopping and medication deliveries we get up to! In these photos you can see a couple of our volunteers delivering ‘meals on wheels’ to some of BS3 Community’s Monday Club members. Also, some pictures of their amazing dinner as cooked and also delivered by Ruth and family, #wecarebristol and Jacqueline Day. The Monday club is group for older people in area which meets regularly at The Southville Centre, on a Monday of course! This is a vital activity for many people as it gets them out of house and meeting up with friends. They do all sorts of activities and form new social bonds, some of them recently widowed or just living alone. Obviously during the pandemic the club has been unable to meet but the organisers have been keen to keep in touch with members, paying them socially distanced visits and making phone calls to check everyone is ok, delivering food and jigsaws and other entertainment. Our team of volunteers have been happy to help this valuable community group, whether it’s been sourcing jigsaws or delivering hot meals.

So, what is the other stuff have we been getting up to? Here is a selection of some of the things our volunteers have helped out with.

Taking parcels/letters to the Post Office

Getting some hearing aid batteries

Taking samples to GPs

Getting nappies

Delivery of a donated laptop to an isolated individual

Picking up vitamins

Getting phone and electricity top-ups (only our enhanced volunteers do this)

Getting bills paid (only our enhanced volunteers do this)

Delivering books and morale boosting cakes

Sorting out laundry when the communal washing machine at the flats were broken

As ever if you or a neighbour are struggling to do something because your self-isolating or shielding or even just worried about going out, let us know. If we can’t help, we will know someone who can! - Becky

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