12th June - Dealing in drugs in BS3

One of the ‘services’ we offer is someone to collect your prescription, if you are isolating, shielding or just a bit nervous about going out too much. Our team of enhanced volunteers will collect your medication and get it to you as and when you need it. We can do urgent collections as needed, but for repeat prescriptions we ask people to give us a bit of notice and not request it at the last minute. Depending on where you live (and the weather!) we might walk, run, cycle or drive to you. We have some volunteers who make weekly collections for those with a regular need, and sometimes it’s just a one off.

If you need us to collect one for you, we ask that you make sure it is ready for us first, so the volunteers’ journey is not wasted. We need your name and address to provide the pharmacist so they can verify who you are, we will not ask you what the prescription is for. It is also important that we know if you need to pay, and if you do not then why not. If you have a payment exemption and we are going to your regular pharmacy that is usually fine. If you have a payment exemption and we are going to a pharmacy that doesn’t know you, we may need to provide proof of your exemption and we might give you a call or ask you to discuss with the pharmacy how best to do that. We will also ask for your date of birth, which we verify with you when dropping your medicine off as we make sure it is going to the right person! Our enhanced volunteers wear PPE at times we need to get closer, and will leave collections on your doorstep and step back. They all have DBS checks and the BS3 pharmacies have a list of their names so they know who might be coming to collect your prescription. This helps create a safer and more efficient service. If you or someone you know could benefit from having someone collect their medication you can fill in help form here or phone (0117 381 2181) or email us ( Here a few photos of our lovely volunteers and some of those they have used their services this past week. All pictures posted with permission. Becky

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