22nd May - Good News Story

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday evening. We have decided to publish examples of the kindness and generosity shown by this group.

This Friday it is time we told you about what our own marvelous Jackie Smith has been up to. Other than organising and coordinating the mammoth task of leafleting all the residential properties in BS3 (which Jackie also helped deliver personally and says she now has an even bigger respect for posties), Jackie has been helping run the BS3 Helpline, volunteering with medication and shipping deliveries, and dropping off spare good to the BS3 Community Larder.

One of the calls on the affectionately known 'Bat Phone' Jackie received back in the early days of this weird time was from an elderly gentleman called Terence who was really missing his books because the library and charity shops were closed. So Jackie made it her personal mission to collect up as many murder mystery and horror books from the offers from you lovely lot. She has delivered over 60 books to Terence so far, and each time she visits she has a little chat with Terence and often brings along cake made by her teenage son - which he loves! It is the little things that make all the difference. Thank you Jackie!! 💗 If anyone has any books to offer to Terence let Jackie know. If anyone has a story that they would like us to publish on a Friday (it indeed any other day of the week) let us know! Julia

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